Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A high school teacher in Cincinnati is organizing a campus tour for prospective students. She wants to arrange transportation for 30 students from her high school to visit the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. After getting quotes, she decides to book a 25 passenger charter bus for a Saturday campus tour. The total trip time is 8 hours to allow for travel and tours at both campuses. At a rate of $125 per hour, the total for the charter bus rental comes to $1,000. With the 25 passenger bus, each student’s share of the cost is only around $33. The teacher tips the driver 10% for providing a comfortable and timely tour, bringing the total to $1,100. Getting an accurate charter bus quote ahead of time and splitting the cost between students makes the campus tour affordable and convenient.

Example #2

A Fortune 500 company in Cincinnati wants to host an offsite team building event for 120 employees. The event coordinator researches options and decides a charter bus would be the best fit to transport the large group to and from the venue. She gets a quote from a charter bus company for a 56 passenger bus at $950 for a 5 hour rental. To accommodate all attendees, she opts for 3 buses at that rate, totaling $2,850. The coordinator builds in 30 minutes on each end for loading and unloading, bringing the total rental time to 6 hours per bus. With the 3 buses, the total quote comes to $3,420. She decides to book the charter buses and tips each driver 10% at the end of the day, bringing her total to $3,762. The cost per person comes out to just $31 for safe, comfortable transportation. Her team has a great time at the event.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at a Cincinnati high school needs transportation for an away game against their biggest rival that’s located 2 hours away. The athletic director decides to book a charter bus to safely transport the team of 40 players, 5 coaches, and the team manager to the game. He rents a 47 passenger charter bus for the day to give them plenty of room for equipment. The total roundtrip mileage is about 250 miles. At $2.00 per mile, plus $100 per hour for the driver’s time, the 4 hour rental costs $1,000. The athletic director tips the driver 10% at $100 for providing excellent service. The total cost comes out to $1,100, or only $25 per person for the charter bus. This makes renting a charter bus affordable compared to having the team carpool or take a school bus without luggage storage. The coach is glad they have a professional charter bus for this important rivalry game.

Example #4:

A local church group in Cincinnati wanted to take their youth group on a day trip to King’s Island amusement park. They had 32 teens signed up for the trip, along with 5 adult chaperones. To make transportation easy, they decided to rent a charter bus for the day. They chose a 37 passenger charter bus which gave them plenty of room. The group was picked up at the church at 8 AM and dropped off back at the church at 8 PM, for a total of 12 hours. At a rate of $125 per hour, their Cincinnati charter bus rental cost $1,500 for the day. With the trip being about 30 miles each way from the church, they were also charged $3 per mile, adding $180 to the total. The final quote including mileage came to $1,680. They added an 18% driver tip of $302.40, bringing their grand total for reliable transportation to King’s Island to $1,982.40.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are planning their dream wedding in Cincinnati. With over 200 guests invited, they know they’ll need transportation to get their wedding party and guests to the ceremony and reception locations. They decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses for the big day. The buses will shuttle guests staying at hotels to the church for the ceremony at 2pm. Then after the ceremony, the buses will take everyone to the reception venue across town for the reception starting at 5pm. They book the buses for 5 hours total from 1pm-6pm. At a rate of $150 per hour per bus, their total charter bus rental cost comes to $1,500. They add an 18% tip for the drivers, bringing their grand total to $1,770. With the charter buses, the bride and groom ensure all their guests arrive safely and on time – giving them peace of mind on their wedding day.

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